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Upbeat yoga music playlist for vinyasa & hatha yoga featuring the sounds of India – tabla drum, sitar, krishna flute and tanpura. Enjoy 1 hour of energizing Indian background music that’s designed to compliment your yoga practice. This track is ideal for vinyasa flow, hatha, power yoga or any other yoga style that involves flowing movement. This upbeat and energising yoga music playlist that features powerful tabla drum, hypnotic tanpura, krishna flute, and melodic sitar will lift your spirits and motivate you to stay on your yoga mat longer and sweat it out! This Indian themed instrumental music will take you on a beautiful journey and then gently guide you back down for savasana with soothing ocean sounds.

We created this upbeat and energising instrumental background music for yoga because we think that the right music can really enhance and take your yoga practice to another level. We are both qualified yoga teachers and have used this track in our own practice – students really do love it! We hope you do too! We truely believe that this upbeat Indian themed yoga music playlist is fantastic background music for vinyasa, hatha and power yoga! Love and Light 🙂

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Heathyoga –

Some of the instruments featured in this track include: 🎶
Maharaja Electric Sitar –
Indian Flute –
Tabla Drum –
Tanpura –

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