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– Yoga music created especially to guide you joyfully through your asana practice.

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80 minutes of atmospheric keys, crystal clear guitars, dancing piano, and soaring flutes make this album a thematic masterpiece.

Herrin (Producer): Our aim with this album was to create yoga music that enhanced peoples practice and even make them want to get up in the morning and do it. I was fortunate enough to have the co-operation from two other wonderful musicians, Jai Larkan my brother and Chris Lane on flutes.

Thanks also go to the amazing artists that agreed to have their work featured in this video. We love your work and stand in awe at the ability you possess!

The songs in order are:

1. Preparing The Way
2. The Higher Mind
3. Fire In The Belly
4. Inner Strength
5. Reflection of Self
6. The Journey Home

A beautifully crafted instrumental world music album that will inspire you. Its subtle journey will transport you deep into your chill-out or yoga space.

The Musicians

Herrin Larkan – Keyboards, guitars, vocals, programming sound engineer and producer.
Jai Larkan – Piano, keyboards, programming and beats.
Chris Lane – Flutes

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