Quit Happens Episode 10 – Making Peace with Quitting the Peace Corps Core Power Yoga



Ever faced a quit that had the potential to effect a global organization and wipe out your identity all in one fell swoop? Well this week’s guest did, and her journey from isolation in Ghana to inspiring an entire community of yogis is truly incredible.

Amore St. Ives, manager of CorePower Yoga in North Park, San Diego courageously shares how difficult that quit was and how she made it through by listening to her what her gut was telling her – both metaphorically and physically!

Take a listen to her remarkable story and learn how to deal with some of the toughest quits imaginable.

Audio by Bensound.com Quitting isn’t a dirty word. Settling is.

Quitting isn’t failing when it’s quitting to get ahead. Quitting by Design author Lynn Marie Morski, MD, Esq. is a physician, attorney and lifelong quitter. She has carved out a successful path by knowing when to persevere, when to quit, and how to learn from the situations in which quitting was the best option. Her firm belief is that quitting doesn’t deserve the stigma it has been given, for it is a key step in finding out what truly works for each person. The benefits of quitting something can be profound. She would love to help you quit the things that aren’t serving you in order to create a life you love.

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Lynn Marie’s passion is educating people on the strategic quitting techniques that have helped along her journey. She finds joy in teaching people how to know when to quit something and why quitting is sometimes your best move.