YOGA | 20 minute Power YOGA Flow Core Power Yoga



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Breathe, flow, and strengthen with me on the sands of Hermosa Beach, California in this invigorating 20 minute instructional power yoga flow.

I sequenced this class so that each move builds upon the next. You will build endurance, move mindfully, and increase your metabolism. This class uses only your bodyweight, and through intelligent sequencing you will create a better connection to your breath, body, and mind.

It’s an all-levels yoga class that will improve your balance, posture, and leave you recharged and in charge 🙂

HOW TO USE THIS WORKOUT: This is a perfect yoga flow to do within 30 minutes of rising in the morning, to help invigorate your mind and body, and set a grounding and stress-free mindset for the rest of your day. You could also pair this with one of my other Yoga sculpting videos on YouTube, like Yoga Booty, or Yoga Core. You are going to feel so energized and in charge after this powerful flow!

THE WORKOUT: All Levels – 20 Minute Power Flow Yoga

Check in with me on instagram after you finish the flow 🙂 @actionjacquelyn and use #takeaction.

Can’t wait to see your glowing smile and strong muscles after you flow with me!

Namaste 🙂

Intro Movie by: Drishti Videography


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