Backbend Yoga Poses: Chakrasana (The Wheel Pose) I 2



Learn the benefits of the bridge pose or the backbending yoga pose and the chakrasana, especially for advance yoga enthusiasts through this excellent yoga video. These back bending yoga positions and yoga asanas will improve your back strength.
Back bending yoga poses bring strength and flexibility to the body.

Step 1 Bridge Pose
Start in a seated posture and roll onto the back.

Step 2 Bridge Pose
Bring the spine completely in contact with the floor. Walk the heels closer towards your butt.

Step 3 Bridge Pose
Press the palms onto the ground and lift the hips up.

Step 4 Bridge Pose
Interlock the fingers and squeeze the shoulder blades together.As you lift up higher, your chin will come closer to the chest.

Step 5 Bridge Pose
Walk the heels back to lift up even higher.

Step 6 Bridge Pose
To come out of the posture, release the palms, drop the hips and squeeze the knees into the chest.

Step 1 Chakrasana Wheel Pose
Keeping the feet flat, place your palms just above the shoulders. Squeeze the palms into the ground and keep the elbows pointing up to the sky.

Step 2 Chakrasana Wheel Pose
Keep the elbows straight and strong. Begin to push into the palms and feet. Keeping the arms straight and strong, lift your hips all the way up.

Step 3 Chakrasana Wheel Pose
To come out of the posture bring your chin to the chest. Then let the back of the head drop down first and then roll the spine down. Bring the knees to the chest and roll back and forth.

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