FALL ASLEEP WITH YOGA NIDRA : Guided Meditation for Deep Restful Sleep



Yoga Nidra promotes a deep level of relaxation that will bring you deep restful sleep as you progressively relax, soften and release each part of your body. This release of tension induces total relaxation at ALL levels…physical, mental and emotional. Some say that an hour of Yoga Nidra can be just as restorative as four hours of regular sleep. The soft-spoken voice, gentle background music and peaceful ocean waves will have you fast asleep in no time! Hope you enjoy this beautiful sleep meditation as we journey together into this blissful state!
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I’m Joanne and I’m a Relaxation Recording Artist. I record relaxation audios because I LOVE LOVE LOVE to help you relax and fall asleep! On this channel, I upload weekly guided sleep meditations and sometimes comforting ASMR videos for your sleep and relaxation. So be sure to subscribe and click on the bell symbol so that you’ll be notified whenever I upload a new video OK? 🙂 Hope this video or channel finds you when you most need it!

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