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Foundations Of Shoulder Stand, Sarvangasana, The Candle Pose for Beginners! In this Foundations Of Yoga video, Adriene guides a practice of Shoulder Stand for beginners. Though not for everybody, Shoulder Stand is known as the mother of all asanas! There are benefits to learning the prep work for this pose allowing you to work at your own pace, safely, and with controlled breathing. Inversions can seem intimidating, but done correctly, at your own pace, and with neck integration and awareness, it’s possible to enjoy the revitalizing benefits they have to offer at any stage. Benefits of this practice include, increase in immunity, healthy blood flow, healthy digestion, as well as an opportunity to soothe the nervous system and any irritation, with regular practice.

For this video, you will need two blankets or towels. Remember to focus on the process and the journey rather than the endpoint as we explore the postures of bridge, plough, fish, and shoulder stand.

Be mindful and remember, the breath always comes first. Hop into something comfy and let’s get inverted!

Please, speak to your doctor if you think inversions may not be right for you.

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