Yoga Poses: How to do King Pigeon Pose with 4 variations



Yoga Poses: How to do King Pigeon Pose with 4 variations

Learn how to practice King Pigeon Pose with Alisha Vasquez, one of our amazing Be The Change teachers!

This pose is known as Kapotasana (King Pigeon) or Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana (one-legged King Pigeon) in Sanskrit and is an advanced posture to be practiced at the end of a Yoga practice. The body should be warm and it’s important to warm up all major muscle groups to properly prepare the body for this deep posture.

This pose requires a deep backbend, shoulder opening, hip flexor and quadricep flexibility. Here are some poses that can be practiced to prepare for King Pigeon Pose:

Backbends: cobra, locust, upward dog, high lunge, Warrior I
Shoulder openers: cow face arms, half bow, bow, wheel, dancer
Quadriceps: dancer, low lunge with foot grab, bow, wheel

Alisha Vasquez breaks down the main components of King Pigeon Pose. She explains five different variations to work into this peak pose. You can stop and work on a singular variation, always listening to the needs of your body. If you are an experienced Yoga practitioner and are familiar with King Pigeon Pose, you can use these variations as steps to achieve the final pose.

This video is a guide to practice advanced postures safely; understanding the poses needed to warm up the body and the different variations to make the pose safe for your body. This video is NOT a substitute for a real life teacher. You should never feel any pain during a Yoga practice and always stop the pose if moving into a place of discomfort.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video, we hope that the information will add an extra layer of depth to your practice.

And remember, Yoga is a moving meditation and a healing art — so be gentle with yourself!

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