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1. Nu-Moods – Tumbalo (Workout Remix)
2. The Groovelines – Every Woman (Workout Remix)
3. Nicola Di Venere – Addicted (Workout Remix)
4. Sorrentino & Zara – Party Girlz (Workout Remix)
5. Monosono Feat. Caryn Rox – Fly (feat. Caryn Rox) [Workout Remix] 6. Andrea Miliani – Believe (Workout Remix)
7. Bertani & Coly – Rocking On The Dancefloor (Workout Remix)
8. Fiusti & Bettoni Feat.Andrea Love – Reach (feat. Love) [Workout Remix] 9. Memi & Ryo – On The Dance Floor (Workout Remix)
10. Get This! – Ya Underwear (Workout Remix)
11. Simone Cattaneo & Alex Gardini Vs Blondie Goes To Bollywood – Another Star (Workout Remix)
12. Two At Work Feat. Memes – Why Me (feat. Memes) [Workout Remix] 13. Fathers Of Sound – One Kiss (Workout Remix)
14. Muranoglass – Mambo Street (Workout Remix)
15. Up Nu – Seven Million People (Workout Remix)

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