How to Stretch Before and After Squats – WOD Nation coach Barry @ CrossFit Chiang Mai



Using a resistance band is a great way to stretch the hip for CrossFit WODs. Hip stretches are really important before and after doing squats.

You want to choose the right resistance band. The stronger you are the more resistance you need. CHECK OUT THE WOD NATION RESISTANCE BANDS HERE:

Get the band high up on the hip. Walk the exercise band out a foot or so and get in a one legged squat. Now just do some semi circles and try to relax the hip while doing it. Let the band do the work and don’t fight it. If you are tensing your muscles while doing this exercise you won’t be getting any of the advantages.

Get as deep as you can on each leg. If you have the mobility, try putting your hand on the bent knee and pushing it out to increase the stretch.

squat mobility exercises
squat stretch
hip stretches


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