Tabata Workout Music (20/10) – Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor) Rocky – TWM #35



Ka-BOOM! That’s all foy you guys! We love so much Rocky that we made up this brand new tabata music (20 sec work 10 rest x8 rounds)! Enjoy the Eye of the Tiger !

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The Tabata training is a short (and funny) workout, practicable everywhere with friends and the help of musical video like these one as a timer. You don’t need any particular equipment.
Tabata is a particular high intensity workout invented by Dr. Izumi Tabata, at the Istitute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, 1996. It is 8 non-stop rounds: each of which consists of 10 seconds of rest and 20 seconds of training, for a total of only 4 minutes. You choose a single exercise for the whole duration of training (burpees, shots, squats, …) and you do it to the maximum of your abilities. It has been scientifically proven that 3 sessions of 4 minutes per week are more effective than 5 hours of running. After only 6 weeks of training Tabata improves by the 14% the aerobic capacity and by 28% the anaerobic capacity compared with only the 10! improve of the aerobic capacity given by running.
You have no more excuses to try this workout bacuse you HAVE 4 minutes.

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