Workout Music and Workout Songs: 2 Hours of Best Workout Music & Workout Songs



Workout Music & Workout Songs – TWO (2) hours of best workout music & workout songs.

Featured in this album are:

Track 1: Legends of the sea (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Wind rider (starts at 5:58)
Track 3: Beyond Azure (starts at 9:07)
Track 4: Top of the sky (starts at 13:34)
Track 5: Journey to redemption (starts at 17:00)
Track 6: You’re all I need (starts at 22:59)
Track 7: Last wave to Bondi (starts at 26:25)
Track 8: Final Countdown (starts at 29:44)
Track 9: Soaring high (starts at 33:03)
Track 10: Ocean’s Heart Beat (starts at 36:21)
Track 11: Finest Hour (starts at 39:38)
Track 12: In the name of glory (starts at 41:54)
Track 13: Someday (starts at 56:56)

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