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Guide : 18 Easy Ways to Burn Calories

18 Easy Ways to burn more calories

It is essential to burn calories in order to reduce weight. Joining a gym, going for regular jogs etc. are effective ways, which help in losing weight. In addition to these methods, there are also many other ways, which are quite easy to follow and which help in burning some additional calories. Let’s see some of the these methods.

  1. Cycling

It is a highly effective way to lose calories. You can bike to your college, school or workplace and burn more than 100 calories in a few minutes. You will also save lots of precious fuel and do an environment friendly act.

  1. Yoga

Yoga exercises are a great way of losing calories. You do need to have any equipment for performing yoga. Perform them on the ground or use a mat. Yoga also enhances concentration and improves flexibility..

  1. Wash your Car

Wash you car at home. You will have a cleaner vehicle. You will also burn 100 calories in 20 minutes. You will save the money, which you would have given at the mechanic garage.

  1. Weed the Garden

You can do weeding in your extra time. It is one of the another great way to burn 100 calories in only 18 minutes. You will also have a cleaner garden free from weeds, which harms the plant growth.

  1. Play with Children

It is good to be in the company of children. You lose calories and stress in the process. You will burn around 100 calories in 23 minutes while playing with the children.

  1. Rearrange Furniture

All of us want our homes to look better, neat and clean. Rearrange your furniture every few days so that you are able to clean the corners. This will also give a new look to your rooms. While doing so, you will be able to lose 100 calories in only 14 minutes of time.

  1. Stroll the Dog

If you have a pet, then strolling it, is great recreational exercise. You will also be able to know your surroundings better. It can help you to lose 50 calories in just 13 minutes.

  1. Lunges

You can do lunges at any time of the day. They will give you a break from your routine and will help you to burn calories. Standing lunges are easy to perform.

  1. Squats

Squats are a good way to burn calories. They can be done easily at home. Squats help you to burn 10 calories in only 5 minutes. You can do squats while doing other tasks also, for example blowing or drying your hair.

  1. Tap toes

You can tap your toes while you are at your desk or when you are in bed. They are an easy ways to burn calories and bringing the body back in shape. Tap the feet-toe for 25 to 30 times and then change your foot.

  1. Crunches

Crunches are good for abdominals. You can perform them while coming out of the bed or going to it. Your abs will look better and you will burn many calories in the process.

  1. Shopping

Shop in your spare time and lose calories. You will lose 50 calories in 19 minutes while doing so. Remember to bargain!

  1. Dance

Dance to your favorite tunes. You will burn lots of calories and also have a positive mood because dancing is a great stress buster.

  1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks will help you to burn calories. You can do them at any time of the day. You can do them while you wait for your coffee, before going to the shower or when you are waiting for something. Jumping jacks help you to burn 10 calories each minute.

  1. Utilize the ad break time

You can do any of the exercises in your free time. Most people snack at the time of commercials during the television shows. You can utilize these breaks for doing lunges, squats, etc. These exercises will also help you to lower your snack cravings.

  1. Use stairs instead of elevators

You should use stairs instead of elevators. You lose 10 calories for each flight of stairs you climb. More use of stairs will also result in saving of electricity.

  1. Be active

You should be alert and active. While being in the kitchen and waiting for a recipe to get prepared, do not lean against the walls or counter and waste your time. Do squats or some other exercise which can be performed in the space. You will be able to burn calories and will enjoy your meal with enhanced hunger.

  1. Sleep well

It is good to sleep for adequate number of hours. You will be able to get refreshed and will burn around 60 calories in an hour.

All these methods help you to lose calories easily. They are not regular exercises and should be used in addition to the regular ones and workouts.

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