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Guide : Flexitarian Diet Plan – Mostly Vegetarian Way to Extend Life and…

Flexitarian Diet

Discovered by Dawn Jackson Blanter, Flexitarian Diet Plan is the most amazing diet plan. As the name depicts, the diet plan is a mixture of two words named flexible and vegetarian.

Vegetarianism is believed to be the way of life, but still if you are non-vegan, you don’t have to worry because the diet plan will educate you how to bring balance between vegan and non-vegan foods.

The diet plan basically believes that flexitarians have higher life expectancy. They weigh less than non-vegan and are less prone to degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes as compared to non-vegans. Apart from that, they live approximately 3.6 years longer than those surviving on non-vegan diet.

How to Follow Flexitarian Diet Plan?

Flexitarian diet plan doesn’t ask you to eliminate your favorite food items from the diet plan. It rather seeks you to moderate your non-vegan diet and inculcate more veggies in your diet. At no point in the diet plan, you will feel compelled to follow particular diet regime. Instead of migrating you to the flexible plan immediately, the diet plan will take you step by step towards it.

The diet plan will dramatically melt around 30 pounds from your body in a span of 6 to 12 months. While focusing on vegan foods mainly, you will consume more natural foods such as nuts, beans, whole grains etc.

Your development in the diet plan will be as follows.

  • For Beginners – In one week, beginners will get two meatless days. They can consume 26 ounces of meat in a week.
  • For Advanced Users – In one week, advanced users will get three to four meatless days. They can consume 18 ounces of meat in a week.
  • For Experts – The users who have become experts under the diet plan can relish five meatless days in one week. They can consume 9 ounces of meat in a week.

Recommended Food Items of the Diet Plan

The diet plan not being rigid about the consumption of particular food items doesn’t deprive your body from your loved foods. However, you inevitably can reach your goals faster by swearing by the recommended food items in the diet plan.

The recommended food items have been categorized into five groups by the diet plan, which are as follows.

Spice and Sugar

Salads, fruits, dried herbs, and natural sweeteners are the healthy sources of providing spices and sugar to your body.

Fruits and Vegetables

Since the diet plan insists on consumption of veggies and dissuades the consumption of non-vegan foods, the diet program recommends including plenty of fruits and vegetables in a day.

Dairy Products

Dairy products being loaded with nutrients are vital for your body. Make butter, milk, yogurt, cheese etc. an integral part of your diet.


Food items such as nuts, seeds, tofu, beans, lentils, eggs, peas, protein, and filling etc. are food items which can suffice the need of meat.

Whole Grains

Replace the most versatile as well as harmful white bread and white rice with wheat bread or brown bread and brown rice. Inculcate millet, spelt, buckwheat, bran and rye etc. among whole grains.

Apart from them, the diet program consists of some vegan food items, which even vegan dieters might not have heard before. These are –

Bulgur, Kefir, Agave nectar, Leafy Greens, Mochi, Quinoa, Sunflower seed butter, Swiss muesli, Tofu Muesli, Seaweed Sprinkle, Flaxseed Oil.

Though these are not mandatory food items, but to attain results swifter, you can incorporate these food items in your diet plan.

Work Mechanism of Flexitarian Diet Plan

Flexitarian diet solution divides the meals of the day in the ratio of 3:4:5, which means, you will consume 300 calories in the breakfast, 400 calories in the lunch, and 500 calories in the dinner. Along-with them, there are two snack items of 300 calories in a day. You will consume total 1500 calories in a day. Your calorie consumption inevitably will vary with the age, height, and weight of the users. To save you from being left hungry, you need to allocate your calorie consumption in a judicious way.

For pruning the calorie consumption of a day, you can cut snacks. Contrarily, for magnifying the calorie consumption to 1800 calories, you can enhance the number of calories consumed in breakfast.

Should you don’t shed much weight; carefully inspect the portions of ingredients you have been taking. If you are successfully melting weight swifter but feeling hungry most of the time, you have freedom to increase your calorie consumption.

The magnificent diet plan will provide you all the benefits of natural and organic food items. The diet plan astonishingly purges your body from severe ailments such as high blood pressure, blood sugar level, heart problems, and increased cholesterol level.

Alluring Parts of Flexitarian Diet Plan

Flexitarian diet plan being an articulate and well-designed diet plan will not only aid you in dropping weight but will also educate you how to maintain your lost weight and lots of other important things. The diet plan will answer five troubleshooting questions which might often bug you. Those five troubleshooting questions are as follows –

  • Time Crunch
  • Fast Stack
  • Out and About
  • Feeling Good
  • Craving Control

Apart from providing tremendous variety of taste, the diet plan consists of hundred recipes of vegan food items, which are simply awesome and amazingly delicious in taste.

There is one swap diet section also, which will educate you about the non-vegan food items, which you can swap with healthy and nutritious vegan food items. It will also guide you how you can skillfully inculcate fish, meat, chicken, turkey, and red meat in your diet chart along-with vegan diet.

How to Select the Best Weight Plan for You?

Your selection of diet plan should go hand in hand with your way of living. The plan undoubtedly should not be a burden for you to follow. Semi-vegan diet plan will customize the diet plan for you to provide you maximum benefits.

You don’t have to be very strict and rigid with your diet plan. In fact, you can modify the diet plan according to your particular likes and dislikes. You can skip the parts of diet, which you don’t like and incorporate the flattering parts of other diet programs.

The beauty of Flexitarin diet plan is that it does not recommend difficult to attain ingredients. You can easily get them from grocery stores and comfortably abide by the diet plan.

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