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Guide : 3 Hour Diet – Lose Weight With Frequent Meals

Created by Jorge Cruise, fitness expert, 3 Hour Diet is a sensible weight loss plans which will drop ten pounds from your body in first week, and two pounds every week afterwards. Calorie counting and restrained eating have been put on sidelines by the diet program.

3 Hour diet program is based on self-experience. Cruise who was forty pounds overweight transformed him from fat to flab and absolutely stunning guy by using the diet solution. Twenty days weight loss program will nourish your body with balanced diet and will provide you sought after body.

What 3 Hour Diet Plan is?

Jorge Cruise with his 3 Hour Diet
Jorge Cruise with his 3 Hour Diet

3 hour diet plan is one of the most practical diet plans. The diet schedule points up consumption of several small meals in a day. There should be gap of not more than three hours between your meals. And your first meal should happen within one hour after waking up.

Cruise asserts, principle of low carb foods propounded by most of diet plans for losing weight actually has contrary effects on your body. Low carb diet programs create dearth of foods in your body, as a result of which your body starts hoarding fats assuming that as stage of famine, and instead of melting pounds, you begin gaining pounds.

How 3 Hour Diet Works?

3 hour diet program is a meticulous diet program. Proposed principles and work mechanism of diet program is radically compatible with your body metabolism.

Research shows, regular meals have proven results of boosting your metabolism. And if your metabolism is good, fat burning process too will be prompt. Consumption of many small meals in a day will keep you in high spirit and will trim your waist.

Dieters are allowed to consume 400 calories in three main meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 100 calories in snacks, and 50 calories in desserts. Three hours rule also applies before going to bed. As your metabolism slows down at the time of sleeping, you are recommended to maintain gap of three hours between your dinner and sleeping hours.

Celebrity Fan Following of 3 Hour Diet

Among celebrities, Oprah Winfrey, Hollywood actress is big fan of diet program. Persistent in her efforts of maintaining her in sculpted shape, Oprah switched to 3 hour diet and felt flattered with overwhelming results.

Who Can Follow 3 Hour Diet Plan?

3 hour diet plan is apt for all those dieters who are simply in love with foods and wish to attain desired results without removing their loved foods. Portion control is the key to success in diet plan. You can eat whatever you yearn to eat until you eat small portion size of them.

In addition to that, elderly people or people having painful joints can freely move along with the diet plan because at first place, not much emphasis has been put on exercises. And secondly, kind of exercises recommended by diet solution will put no undue pressure on your joints.

Victims of emotional eating will also benefit from the diet program because effective strategies and frequent meals of diet program will help them in tackling stress. Mostly people feel guilty after eating foods, but small meals permitted by diet program will purge them from culpability feelings and will boost up their confidence and self-love.

Workouts in 3 Hour Diet Program

Jorge Cruise acknowledges the fact that sedentary lifestyle, binge, infrequent and compulsive eating are the main reasons responsible for obesity. However, Cruise doesn’t seem to give much importance to workouts.

He considers mere eight minutes of strength training sufficient to meet daily need of workouts. Dieters can do aerobics, walk on water and can do several other easy activities like them. Resistance training will both build up your strength and will foster fat burning process in your body.

Benefits of 3 Hour Diet

3 Hour diet program is an amazing diet program having numerous benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Frequent meals allowed by diet program will keep check on your blood sugar level and will free you from diabetes.
  • Stress which is the main foe of healthy body will be swept away by the diet program. You will attain calm, peaceful and slim body while abiding by the diet program.
  • You won’t find it difficult to abide by the diet program because it doesn’t acknowledge removing several foods from the diet regime. It rather believes in eating in moderation.
  • The diet plan will gradually melt pounds from your body and will provide you perennial weight loss solution.
  • Emotional eating which is supreme cause of obesity will be brought under control.
  • Online community and support activities provided by diet program will assist dieters in tackling several weight loss issues.

Drawbacks of 3 Hour Diet

3 Hour Diet has some loopholes also; let’s find out what they are.

  • The diet program has not put any limit on consumption of unhealthy foods. Dieters might become victim of overeating and might end up feeling disappointed.
  • Exercises have not been made mandatory for dieters abiding by the diet program. Choice of practicing exercises has completely been left on dieters. Exercises are paramount for proper well-being, but not taking them seriously is a grave mistake made by diet plan.
  • Logic of meals after three hours and its connection with weight loss is dubious and is not supported by scientific facts and theories. Our bodies are astute and they don’t enter into starvation that easily.

Sample Meal Plan

Dieters are recommended to consume five to six small meals in a day. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of diet solution.


You can have flax seed, tofu, egg sandwich with whole grain bread etc. in your breakfast.

Morning Snack

You can have one fruit such as grapefruit, apple, low fat yogurt etc. in your morning snack.


You can have roasted chicken, spoonful of peanut butter, vegetable salad topped with walnuts, almonds etc. in your lunch.

Evening Snack

You can have low fat cottage cheese, popcorn etc. in your evening snack.


You can have poached shrimp steamed brown rice, pasta with plenty of green veggies etc. in your dinner.


You can have strawberries, peaches, berries etc. dipped in low fat yogurt, and chocolate in your dessert.

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