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Guide : Abs Diet – Exclusive Weight Loss Plan For Men

Abs Diet Plan for men

Abs Diet is the most incredible weight loss plan crafted by David Zinczenko exclusively for men. Men seeking to lose weight abruptly can certainly attain results because the diet plan claims to lose 12 pounds in two weeks.

Theory of Abs Diet

The diet program being targeting on amplifying the number of muscles along-with loss of fat is one of the most prevalent weight loss plans among men. The working principle of the plan is to grow 1 lb of muscles. Since your body requires burning 50 calories to grow 1 lb muscles, your body will catalyze fat burning process. And if your body gains 10 lb of muscles, it will lose 500 calories in a day and that too without dieting.

While working on this principle, Abs diet plan focuses on building muscles and shedding extra pounds from your body through nutritional food items and workouts.

Basics of Abs Diet

Having a total duration of six weeks, the diet plan requires to be followed six days in a week. There is one ditch day also, which bestows you freedom to eat all the yearned foods of the week.

The diet program seeks you to abide by six small meals in a day which are planned to make sure that your body remains well fed throughout the day and does not strive for foods. You are recommended to trim your large meals into small chunks of meals.

For instance, if you are in habit of consuming four eggs in breakfast, cut them down to two and have the reaming two in next meal of the day. When you eat too much of food in one meal, it puts undue pressure on your metabolism. So, instead of having three big meals in a day, nourish your body through six small meals.

Recommended Food Items of Abs DietAbs Diet men

Abs diet plan asserts to nourish your body with twelve vital nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, fiber etc. The ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats in your diet should be in ratio of 5:2:3. The recommended food items of Abs diet plan are –

Beans and pulses, eggs, turkey, spinach, green veg, almonds, nuts, low-fat dairy products, wholegrain breads, oat cereal, protein powder,  lean meats, olive oil, peanut butter, cereals, raspberries, and other berries.

Workouts in Abs Diet

Abs diet plan works best with workouts. If you are inclined to move towards your objective swifter, don’t overlook workouts. That being said, you don’t have to spend hours in gym to practice workouts. Get 20 minutes in a day and without hitting gym, you can practice them at home.

The plan points up practicing workouts six days in a week. Two Abs workouts and three strength or resistance exercises have been suggested in the diet plan. Should you want to include cardio workouts, you can certainly do that. Prior to starting strength training, you need to properly warm up your body. And you can do that through jogging, running, jumping, or by paddling on stationary bicycle.

Rest and recovery have precisely been highlighted in the diet plan. After doing strenuous weight lifting exercises for various body parts, you need to give proper rest to those body parts for recovery. However, your rest period should not be less than two days.

As far as gaining muscles through the plan goes, Zinczenko has made it very clear in his plan that muscle building entirely depends upon the kind of body you have and the way you execute workouts.

Pros and Cons of Abs Diet

The pros and cons of diet plan are as follows –

  • You will lose weight faster than any other plan. And building muscles along-with burning fat is like a jackpot for men.
  • The diet plan seemingly has its impacts on regulating blood pressure and sugar. Besides that, the healthy food plan will enhance the health of men.
  • As the plan encourages burning fat from stomach, its impacts on controlling cholesterol, and other diseases taking root from stomach fat are superb.
  • Short terms benefits of plan have been noticed in people, since people have accepted maintaining lost weight for at least two years but long term significance of weight loss is still unknown.
  • Zinczenko claims that Abs Diet enhances sex power in men. He has also given an absurd reasoning to support the fact. However, it looks like a baseless claim made by him.
  • No adequate parameters about the number of calories have been given in the diet plan. For an instance, 1700 calories in a day are advocated in the diet plan but for very tall people, 1700 calories are insufficient to go along with workouts in a day.

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