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Guide : Best Foods for MMA Fighters

Best Foods for MMA Fighters

Mixed martial arts, MMA is one of the most gruesome body tasking sports. Although it might seem like fat and huge physique is the perfect combo to win a match, it is a farce said out of ignorance. This sport compulsorily requires a lot of muscle mass to body fat. To effectively throw in the perfect punch, the punch has to pack a blow that can throw off any weight person down to their feet.

Alongside, muscle mass, swift movement, and great stamina are required. So what are the good foods needed to give any MMA athlete, the right body size and build to fit in all the criteria necessary to win the next UFC championship?

The following are the list of food best fitted for an MMA fighter.

1. Lean Meat

Lean Meat

All fighters are faced with the fear of damaging injury to the point of premature retirement. Fights can get as dangerous as leaving permanent scars on their bodies. The journey to healing begins in the kitchen. Intake of protein will fortify their bodies with enough protein to provide amino acids which will hasten the healing process and tend to muscle stress. A fighter is required to take in up to 0.7g protein of his or her body weight. Lean meat contains enough protein to sustain a fighter. Skinless chicken, turkey, and red meat are star foods which contain less fat and still fortify an athlete with an adequate amount of protein.

2. Banana


Having banana at close proximity to fuel the body after training or a hard fight is equivalent to eating an energy bar. Bananas are nature’s own energy bar. The high level of potassium and fiber makes it nutritious along with the carbohydrate content. It provides energy and satisfies hunger giving strength and vitality while yet not adding any adverse stress on the diet of a fighter.

3. Oatmeal and Fruits


Breakfast is a huge bore when bacon or fatty delicacies are not permitted in the diet regime. Fiber-rich and high carbohydrate containing oat together with fruits is the breakfast of an MMA champion. Oats have slow digesting carbohydrates which ensure that the energy needed for fights and training is provided in the ring and before the fight is over, an athlete is not staggering weak and unable to defend himself or herself. Oats is the breakfast lifesaver of MMA fighters.

4. Vegetables


It is necessary to eat a whole lot of vegetables. Veggies are basically an endless cycle. The recipes never end. A mixture of several vegetables of various textures, colors, and taste elevate one’s palate giving nutrients and hydrating the body system of a fighter. These greens make health sides to main dishes offering great taste and health benefits, all together in one.

5. Fish


The importance of protein is never to be taken lightly. Healing and body state against successful jabs is dependent on the level of protein intake. Healthy fish like wild fish or salmon will make a great dinner dish for these athletes. No take outs or Chinese is needed. A good fish dish and asparagus or kale salad paired with orange juice or a milkshake will make a perfect dinner.

6. Nuts


Pocket nuts and biting into them in between training is a great energy boost. The replenishing characteristics of nuts and the stored oils and nutrients within them add a whole load of mineral elements which are a major diet requirement. In salads, these crunchy delicacies will create texture and elevate the taste of meals. Almonds, wall-nuts, and peanuts are a few which are recommended to have at close proximity.

7. Shakes

Protein Shake

Fruit shakes are the best of both worlds. It’s health and dessert all in one. The Sweet tooth wrestler can depend on rich fruits high in stored sugars and electrolytes which energizes and rehydrates. Fruit shakes are perfect for after workout or training appetizers and fatigue drinks. They can be taken in place of sodas and toxic drinks to keep the body revitalized.

8. Carbohydrates


To build body, the level of carbohydrate intake for muscle should be up to twice to thrice of the protein intake. Stored glycogen have is an integral part of digested constitutes that the body system must have to function properly during fights. High carb-rich foods like white rice and sweet potato are important. Mashed sweet potato taken with eggs can provide the right carbohydrate level. White rice contains a higher healthy level of carbohydrate compared to other types of rice. Added to the main course, rice will provide the needed level of carbohydrate and elevate the meal course.

9. Avocados


This green luscious food is perfect in every situation. Carbohydrates, fat, and protein in a moderate amount is the specialty of avocados. It could be an addition to fruit shake or a part of the salad. Pureed it could serve as the fat content in salad dressing. Either way, integrated into food, avocados are a healthy plus. By weight, avocado contains more water than any mineral elements, making it a healthy component and also a food ingredient.

10. Water


Water takes the crown as the best food for every athlete. In general, no one can survive without water. It might be an obvious addition on this list but the importance of staying hydrated needs to be spelled out very clearly. It is almost impossible to trade water for any other substance but modifications to add extra energy boost is advised. Coconut water and a ratio of blended berries could make a good rehydrating drink.

Eating right is the first step to winning any fight. The state of the body in the ring is the defining factor for victory. It may seem like a violent game which requires a lot a ruggedness, contrary it is a game of discipline and strategic planning. No player goes into the ring to punch his opponent to bleed without undergoing rigorous training according to the rule book and a winning plan. Just like boxing, Mixed Martial Art is a sporting event and a strict diet plan is compulsory to keep the body in good shape to move effectively within the fighting cage. So, eat right, be the best.

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