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Guide : Best Foods That Give You Energy

Best Foods that Give you Energy

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have enough time in a day? Like 24 hours is not enough for you in one day? You are trying to beat a deadline, so you put in work taking a cup of coffee anytime you feel overwhelmed. But then, you realize it is your 6th cup of coffee for the day, and then you go “what the ….” Like, who takes that much caffeine in a day?

When Caffeine is Bad for Your Energy Levels?

The thing is, it is not your fault. You’re doing the best you know how to in order to keep your body moving. But what if…

What if taking just coffee is not what’s best for you? Research has shown that taking a lot of caffeine can cause stomach upset, increased heartbeat and breathing rate, insomnia, nervousness, and other side effects. When you take more than 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day, that is 300 to 400 mg (including energy drinks), you’re bound to develop these side effects.

Other Healthy Options to Build Up Your Energy Levels

Have you considered other healthy options that can help you build up your energy without any side effects? This no other than super energy foods; they are healthy, organic, and they will not cause you any side effects no matter how much you take them.

They will keep your energy up as much as caffeine, or even better. But before you go ahead and start feasting on these foods, please remember that they may be high in calories. You need to take as much as you really need; anything more than that and you’ll start adding unwanted and probably unflattering weight. That notwithstanding, most of the foods on our list are just perfect for body weight control.

So, here are 10 foods that will give you more energy and see you through the most hectic days.

1. Banana


If you know your bananas, then you’re probably aware of how rich they are in potassium. And that is exactly why it is on this list (in addition to other benefits of course). It’s been said time and again that people that go through hyper activities take bananas to fill up the energy storehouse. Athletes do this too to help them while performing.

Bananas are filled with other nutrients like vitamin B6 and fiber which are very effective in the promotion of sustained energy and muscle functions.

2. Pistachio


This is a perfectly satisfying snack that you can crunch on anywhere to boost your energy level. They are very rich in calories (which is exactly what you need for energy) and protein too.

They are also good for building the muscles and for a healthy heart. They contain dietary fibers too which is very good for the guts and bowel movement.

3. Quinoa


Protein is almost everything when it comes to building up your energy levels, and quinoa is rich in protein and many more nutrients. It also contains carbs and other nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, vitamins, and many others. It is indeed the complete package.

Aside from boosting your energy levels, eating quinoa will improve your heart health, promote antioxidant effects, regulate diabetes, improve digestion, and improve bone health, to mention but a few.

4. Edamame


So, eating to boost your energy is not going to be of much benefit in the long run if you don’t cut down on things like candy and flavored drinks. Candy, for instance, can be swapped with edamame. Not only will this swap boost your energy, but it will also benefit your body in many other ways.

A stronger immune system is one of the health benefits of edamame. This can be linked to loads of nutrients found in edamame; vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. Edamame also promotes healthy bones, better lungs functioning, improved digestion, and a stronger heart.

5. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt

Yogurts are generally good, but there’s something about greek yogurt that makes it stand out the more. It is known to support weight loss, improve digestion, increase bone intensity, boost the immune system, regulate blood pressure, and promote thyroid functions.

Greek yogurt contains a lot of nutrients one of which is vitamin D which plays a very substantial role in regulating calcium and maintaining phosphorus levels in the blood. It also contains the probiotics which offer a lot of health benefits including mental focus and alertness. That’s a good one because what is stress if not the weakness of the body and mind?

6. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are complex carbs. Rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber, magnesium, iron, and essential energy nutrients. Make it a part of your diet and you’ll never experience falling asleep at your desk at work (all things being equal).

Sweet potatoes have great effects on your mood. They will help you lighten up and feel light headed all day long. This can be linked to a combination of high potassium, tryptophan, and vitamin B.

7. Blueberries


Is your kitchen stocked with blueberries? If yes, then good for you. If not, please get some! They are packed with surprising benefits that will get your energy levels up and boost your mood all day long.

Blueberries fight the risk of heart diseases, they blast belly fats, they keep your blood well regulated, they banish 3 pm slumps and, wait for it, they boost your brain power. Blueberries improve your physical health and your mental acuity.

8. Brown Rice

Brown rice

You’re going to have to watch out for this one because it is really rich in carbs. Which is a great thing in this case if you play your games right. Every type of rice, especially brown rice, is a great source of energy and one of the best ways to level up your energy.

Just one cup of brown rice provides you with close to 90% of the recommended daily intake of manganese. This is particularly important because it helps in the breakdown of energy from protein and carbohydrates which are already found in brown rice. Brown rice is also rich in fiber and selenium.

9. Oats


One notable thing about oatmeal is that it is easy to make in very little time. Which is why it is a popular breakfast choice among more than 75% Americans. Another thing about it is that has a high glycemic index. This means you get filled quicker from eating oats, and you can stay put for long without feeling hungry or weak. That’s what good energy food does.

10. Apples


Apples are a great source of energy. Some might even compare it to coffee (you can take both of them for a better effect though). This natural and less expensive source of energy gives you a quick start for the day. You can take it when you feel sluggish while at work too.

Apples are extremely rich in important nutrients, antioxidants, dietary fiber, and flavonoids. They are good for weight loss, healthy heart, promote gut bacteria, fights asthma, and good for the bones.

Stock your pantry and fridge with these foods and you will be more than equipped to take up a hectic day without breaking a sweat, figuratively. You’ll also be prepared to overcome the mad temptation to reach for coffee every time you feel stressed. The best fuels when you need to liven up are carbs, and then more nutrients and carbs again.

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