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Guide : Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-inflammatory Diet Plan

Dr. Andrew Weil's Anti-inflammatory diet plan
Dr. Andrew Weil’s

Chronic inflammation which is the root cause of different terrible diseases such as cardiac disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and various other diseases can make life hell for you. It’s vital for you to rid your body from inflammation before it causes havoc inside your body.

Dr. Andrew Weil’s diet program is composed of nutrient dense and balanced food items. These food items will boost your immune system, will secure your way to optimum health and will melt away extra pounds from your body. Dr. Andrew Weil’s diet program is healthy and trustworthy because it is entirely based on scientific principles and facts.

Main Cause of Inflammation

Though inflammation occurs as a result of your body’s natural reaction towards bruises and wounds, but problem arises when inflammation persists longer than required. There are several reasons which make your immune system sluggish.

Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercises, stress, exposure to toxins, and excess consumption of trans fat and refined sugar in diet are some of the main causes responsible for inflammation in your body.

When highly processed foods reach into your small intestine, it gets difficult for your intestine to assimilate those foods, as a result of which wall of your small intestine start becoming leaky, leading to inflammation. In the same way, high carb foods causes spike in your blood sugar level, enhance your resistance to insulin, and foster inflammatory reactions in your body.

What is Dr. Weil’s Anti-inflammatory Diet?

Dr. Andrew Weil designed the exclusive diet plan specifically to combat against inflammatory reactions occurring inside your body. That being said, weight loss can aptly be seen as a side effect of diet program.

Dr. Andrew acknowledges consumption of balanced diet which should consist of 40 to 50 percent of carbs, 30 percent of fats, and 20 percent of proteins. In addition to that, your calorie intake also has to be proportionate based on your age, gender, weight, height and physical activity.

Dr. Andrew advocates, consumption of 2000 to 3000 calories in a day are sufficient for an average adult. For knowing your calorie consumption accurately, you can use calorie calculators available online and consume calories accordingly. There are more than three hundred recipes in the diet program which will sound quite appealing to your taste buds.

Diet Principles of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-inflammatory Diet

There are some diet principles given by Dr. Andrew. Should you inculcate these principles in your life, you can also pave your way to healthy and slender body.

Eat Healthy Fats – Processed foods prevalent in today’s time have high content of trans fats which is responsible for various heart problems taking root inside your body. Forbid foods such as cream, butter, high-fat cheese, fatty meats, vegetable oil etc. They are rich in trans fats.

Your body requires healthy fat for strengthening the walls of arteries and making your immune system strong. Walnuts, avocado, extra-virgin olive oil, hemp seeds, cashew, flax seeds etc. contain monounsaturated fats or omega 3 fatty acid, which is the exact requirement of your body.

Prefer Low Carb Foods – Carbs are essential because they provide energy to your body. You certainly cannot do without them. But you can be careful about the kinds of carbs you feed to your body.

While selecting carbs, opt for food items having high fiber content and low glycemic index. You can include brown rice, fruits, and vegetables etc. in your diet, they have low glycemic index. Refrain from refined foods, packaged foods and snacks. Inculcate fresh and whole foods instead in your diet regime.

Small Portion Size of Proteins – Proteins inevitably are required by your body, but you need to include only small portion size of proteins in your diet. And if you are victim of allergies, autoimmune disease or kidney problems, then you have to be extra careful and make sure that the portion size of protein in your diet remains meager.

Foods such as soybeans are good source of proteins. Plant based protein offers far better and safe option in front of dieters because unlike animal proteins, you have no fear of getting harmful impacts of trans fats and chemicals found in animal foods.

Eat Plenty of Dark Colored Foods – Include numerous dark colored foods in your diet regime. Dark colored foods contain pigments having astonishingly beneficial impacts on your body. Along-with boosting your immune system, they also deter aging process and make you look younger and refreshed.

Introduce fruits and vegetables of almost all colors in your diet so your body doesn’t remain devoid of benefits of any of the colors. Consume plenty of foods such as tomatoes, berries, lemon, orange, grapefruit, spinach, broccoli etc. in your diet. You can have red wine or dark chocolates in your desserts.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the major requirement of your body. Seventy percent of inflammatory problems originate from stomach, and you can very well treat them by drinking ample amount of water. Drink as much water as you can in a day. You can also opt to add more water in various beverages such as tea, fruit juice etc., and relish different tastes while providing water to your body.

Four Anti-inflammatory Foods

Here come four anti-inflammatory foods suggested by Dr. Andrew. These foods are easily available and are great in taste.

Black Cod – Black cod which is a kind of cold fish has buttery flavor and is dense in omega 3 fatty acids. As compared to other fishes, black cod has far higher content of omega-3 fatty acids.

Berries –Despite having several types and colors, there is one thing common in all kinds of berries and that is their anti-inflammatory property. They are great food items and make your body powerful enough to combat against terrible diseases such as cancer.

Bok Choy – Bok choy which is a plant based food has several anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Besides that, they have rich content of beta carotene and vitamin A. You can add bok choy in soups etc. and can enhance both taste and nutritional value of soups.

Ginger – Having spicy taste, ginger is the most eminent herb, which is found in almost all the households. Besides having anti-inflammatory effects, they also keep check on bloating and acidity. You can either eat one clove of ginger or can use ginger while preparing dishes.

Workouts in Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-inflammatory Diet

Though Dr. Andrew doesn’t explicitly ask his dieters to practice workouts, but he emphasizes on physical activities. No matter what activity you do, your body should get physical movements. You can move your body by mopping your house, gardening, yoga, walking, or through any recreational activity.

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