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Guide : The Omni Diet – Transform Your Body and Life Forever

Tana Amen creator of The Omni Diet
Tana Amen creator of The Omni Diet

Created by Tana Amen, The Omni Diet is a magnificent weight loss plan which will melt away twelve pounds from your body in twelve weeks. Comprised of fresh, healthy, and vegan foods mainly, the Omni diet plan is a healthy weight loss plan.

Tana considers health as the most valuable asset anyone can have and this asset can be achieved only through adequate nourishment. No matter what cosmetic products you use on your skin and body to look beautiful, if your foods are not in sync with your body, you can never expect to attain beautiful body and skin.

How The Omni Diet Originated?

The Omni diet originated as a result of years of frustration faced by Tana. Tana had been facing all kinds of health issues such as constipation, recurring infections, and several others. Thyroid cancer was the most severe of all the health issues she had been facing.

She tried various medical and diet treatments, but she only end up getting more disappointed because all doctors and medical experts only had lame excuses to give for her health issues, and none of them actually was able to cure her body.

Tana elaborates, she gradually figured out that her wrong eating habits which she had been dwelling on right from her childhood, which included plenty of pan-fried steaks, candy chocolates, pop tarts, frozen pot pies etc. were mainly responsible for her miserable condition. She finally decided to make a diet plan of her own, capable of resolving all her issues and she finally came up with the Omni diet.

What The Omni Diet is?

The Omni diet plan consists of plenty of green and leafy vegetables, and high protein foods. More precisely, seventy percent emphasis has been put on plant based foods and thirty percent on protein rich foods. Tana contends, should you dedicatedly follow the diet plan just for two weeks; you will be dazzled with wonderful impacts of diet program.

Two weeks have been given supreme importance by Tana because exclusively chosen food items will purge your body from toxic effect of foods, which you had been feeding to your body from so long.

Just by maintaining proper balance of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats, fish etc. in your diet, you can attain hale and slender body. There are 126 healthy recipes and meal plans in the diet program. These recipes will make it easy for you to adhere to the diet program.

Prohibited Foods of The Omni Diet Plan?

The Omni diet program has prohibited consumption of several foods. That being said, the main motive of Tana is not to make her dieters devoid of those foods, but it actually is to save their bodies from sinister impact of these foods. These foods are mainly deterrent foods which deter your body from attaining adequate health and shape.

In addition to that, you should also abide by some basic principles of healthy eating such as; avoid overcooking your meals because it spoils the efficiency of foods. And should you feel hungry, instead of eating unhealthy snacks, eat raw and organic foods.  Let’s have a look at some of the prohibited foods of the Omni diet plan.

Dairy products, organic eggs, soy based products, bread, white pasta, white rice, gluten containing foods, vegetable oils such as canola oil, over processed foods, refined sugar, fruit juice, etc.

Five Basic Fundamental Rules of The Omni Diet Plan 

The Omni diet insists her dieters to make five fundamental changes in their lifestyle and diet regime. These five basic fundamental rules of the Omni diet program are as follows.

  • Spare time for strength training such as weight lifting and practice them for at least once in a week. Weight lifting tones the muscles of your body and amplifies the number of lean muscles, which further catalyze fat burning process in your body.
  • Drink green smoothie made up of fresh and green veggies twice in a week. Green veggies such as spinach, broccoli etc. are great antioxidants and can be used as active ingredients of smoothie. Green smoothie will cleanse your body from inside.
  • Inform any of your friends or family members about the diet plan you are going to follow, and stay answerable to him/her for all your actions while moving along with the diet program. Study shows, you feel more enthused and are expected to get better results when you are liable to someone.
  • Sauna is effective in detoxifying your body, so don’t forget to visit sauna twice in a week.
  • Spiritual aspect has also been taken by the diet program. You inevitably can attain desired life should you everyday begin getting grateful for five wonderful things God has blessed you with. Spirituality will open God’s ways to you and you will begin experiencing his mercy on your life.

Benefits of The Omni Diet Plan

The Omni diet plan will provide several health benefits to your body; let’s have a look at some of them.

  • The diet program will balance release of hormones in your body and will remove all the hindrances holding your body back from attaining slim body.
  • Your blood sugar level will get stabilized while moving along with the diet program, as diet plan has eliminated several high glycemic index foods such as corn, bread, and potatoes etc., which might cause spike in your blood sugar level.
  • Your digestion will improve and you will get rid of inflammation and all digestion related problems.
  • The diet plan will rid you from several incurable chronic diseases and will get you perfectly hale and disease free body.
  • Holistic approach of diet program will not only provide benefits to your body, it will also benefit you mind. Both your body and mind will get refreshed while going along with the diet solution.

Sample Meal Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of the Omni diet program.


You can have fresh fruit, veggie scramble with garlic, kale, bell pepper, onion, or unsweetened green tea in your breakfast.

Morning Snack

You can have green smoothie, nuts, whole grains, goji berries etc. in your morning snack.


You can have beans, lentils, lean hormone free grass fed red meat, organic poultry etc. in your lunch.

Afternoon Snacks

You can have macadamia nuts, walnuts, almonds etc. in your afternoon snacks.


You can have sweet potato, steak seasoned with crushed pepper, thyme, garlic, or steamed broccoli etc. in your dinner.

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