Millions of people all over the world will be making New Yearís Resolutions to lose weight in 2017. Out of those millions of people only a handful will succeed because they are going to go about dieting all wrong. Abbey goes on the record in this video to give you the inside scoop on successful dieting.

2016 has been a good year for Abbey. She got married, started her first cookbook, and celebrated her way right through the holidays. Believe it or not though, even dietitians can overdo it on the baby quiche and cocktails. As a dietitian there is no diet Abbey hasn’t seen, and as a regular everyday person there are few she hasn’t tried. She warns all of you who are about to start the annual binge, restrict, repent, repeat cycle to diet smarter. This pattern of dieting brings nothing but trouble in the long run. It’s not only hard on your body it doesn’t yield any lasting tangible results.

Fortunately Extreme Diet Debbie was available to make a guest appearance on this episode and help clear up some of the confusion regarding proper dieting. Debbie’s been making the same New Year’s Resolution every year since she was 14. Unfortunately for Debbie she wasn’t making smart goals. Smart is actually an acronym which stands for specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, and time bound.

Let’s take a look at how smart Debbie’s goals really are. Her first goal is to get a wicked six pack. Debbie has been yearning for abs of steel for years but has never been able to get them despite her best efforts. What Debbie doesn’t seem to understand is that abs like that do not just appear overnight. There are many factors that have to be considered when trying to attain a jaw dropping six pack. In order to get those kind of abs you not only have to build the muscle itself up you also have to get rid of the fat that naturally occurs on top of it. Getting those abs that Debbie wants is going to involve some pretty extreme dieting and exercise, not to mention the right set of genes. We aren’t all built the same way, some of us will never have abs of steel no matter how hard we try. That being said, if fitness is your goal and you just want to get lean you simply need to adjust your goal and make it smarter.

For example, you could swap your daily Frappuccino for an Americano, up your weight at the gym by 10% over a period of two weeks, or even add an extra day there over the next 8 weeks. These are specific, measurable goals that have great potential for yielding real results. Dieting smarter is the key to success, period.

Extreme Diet Debbie’s next goal is to spend the entire next year eating clean and ridding her body of all the excess toxins. The very idea of labeling a single food as “clean” without taking the entire diet into account is ludicrous and can lead you down a dangerous path health wise. This approach will not only negatively affect your physical health but can impact your emotional health as well. Sitting around your house binging on buckets of kale could actually be considered a disorder. Enough people have engaged in this type of behavior while attempting to diet that it was actually given a formal name, Orthorexia. At its core Orthorexia is just clean eating taken to the extreme. Labeling your foods like this and limiting your diet is nothing more than setting yourself up for guilt, shame, and body distrust. Don’t do that to yourself, you deserve better.

Healthy eating is a desirable way to go coming into the New Year, but you want to go about your healthy eating in smart way. For example, instead of just running out the door and grabbing a coffee and a doughnut at the gas station close to your house on the way to work do some preparation ahead of time. Make some Mason Jars with yogurt, berries, granola, and nuts in them. Keep them in the fridge and you have an easy to grab, easy to eat, healthy breakfast.

Extreme Diet Debbie’s next extreme proclamation for the New Year is that no matter what it takes she is going to lose some weight. Abbey comes on strong when she hears Debbie’s formal announcement. You’ll have to watch the rest of the video to see her response to that one though.

As always thank you for watching and stay tuned for more stellar content soon.

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