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Plan : Ali Oetjen Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Ali Oetjen is preparing to be a part of The Bachelorette Australia (2015-Present) in October 2018, and she is working hard to look flawless for the show. She is following a strict diet plan to be fit and fine. Here you can have a look at her diet plan and workout routine and get inspired to be fit like her.

Ali Oetjen exercising at Goodlife Health Clubs in North Adelaide in 2018
Ali Oetjen exercising at Goodlife Health Clubs in North Adelaide in 2018 (Ali Oetjen / Instagram)

Ali Oetjen 2018 Workout and Diet

Healthy Foods While Filming

The diva concentrated hard on having healthy foods during the long days and nights of filming to ensure that the foods nourish and benefit her body. She also wanted good fuel from the foods she ate to get a lot of focused energy. Sticking to a healthy diet was essential for her, so she stuck to it every single day and didn’t stray from the path of fitness.

Every single day, if she wanted to have any food, she asked herself how she was going to feel after consuming something. She also carried healthy foods with her all the times. Her esky (portable cooler) was filled with healthy snacks.

Thoughts on Wellness

The stunner thinks that a healthy lifestyle begins when you have a healthy mind. Strength and persistence come from a healthy mind, and they help her to achieve her dreams. She also says that enjoying her journey wholeheartedly matters a lot and she doesn’t fear anything. She has learned to be present in every moment and find balance in every aspect of her life.

Ali Oetjen preparing a healthy and tasty meal using Happy Way supplements in June 2018
Ali Oetjen preparing a healthy and tasty meal using Happy Way supplements in June 2018 (Ali Oetjen / Instagram)

Diet Plan


In summers, she starts her days with a green smoothie made by half cup of frozen berries, a cup of spinach, 500 ml water, a banana and a teaspoon of matcha, spirulina and green superfood powder each.

During winters, the breakfast would usually be porridge made with half cup oats, a quarter cup of mixed nuts & seeds, some blueberries, banana, and water.


In lunch, she likes to have leftovers from the night before, such as protein and vegetables.


During dinner, she likes to have easy stir-fry meals using chicken, turkey or kangaroo. She adds fresh and frozen veggies to it.

Energy Boosters

Her go-to energy boosters are coffee, a mandarin, Vitamin B, a green smoothie and the most unusual, going for a nature walk.

Dessert-Island Meal

According to Ali, her dessert-island meal would include an entrée of tapas with salt and pepper tofu, cheese arancini balls, chorizo, olives, and squid shasliks with Vietnamese mango salsa.

In Main, she would like to have a lamb roast made by her and her mother that’s loaded with homemade gravy from the pan.

The dessert would be a dense and rich caramel and chocolate cake that has all the sauces and crunch.

Ali Oetjen's cooked raspberry protein pancake in June 2018
Ali Oetjen’s cooked raspberry protein pancake in June 2018 (Ali Oetjen / Instagram)

Workout Routine

Oetjen starts her days with a 3 km walk or run by the river and has a workout routine that’s set for each day of the week.


An hour of boxing or 1.5-hour dance class or both


45 minutes of full body weight training or cycling


HIT martial arts or running for an hour


An hour is dedicated to boxing.




About 45 minutes of weights or cycling followed by a hike in the afternoon


A run and some yoga

Workout Gear

The beauty was recently spotted hitting the gym and her gym bag had boxing gloves. She wore skintight black activewear, and her blonde hair was restricted to a loose ponytail. It seems that she knows how to look great when working hard in the gym.

Featured Image by Ali Oetjen / Instagram

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