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Kundalini Activation Meditation : The dynamic rise of symbolic meditational practices has seen growth throughout the years, with many discovering the ways to unlock the gates of spiritual enlightenment. Imagine achieving a higher peak of awareness far beyond the realms of the normal.

What Is Kundalini?
Derived by the Hinduism culture, Kundalini is a form of concentrated focus and attention achieved by meditation that releases energy(shakti) from the base of the spine to throughout the whole body.

What is Kundalini Awakening/Activation?
This is a free state of intense concentration and awareness of the surroundings and your inner state. It can be though as the energy that manifests itself with your, therefore, resulting in a higher mental peak. In this state, a person can experience greater empathy towards others, an internal feeling of peace within, higher energy levels, creativity boost as well as a heightened sense of charisma.

How to activate your Kundalini awakening?
Through frequent practice, one can begin the journey of kundalini meditation. To free yourself of your thoughts and cleanse your mind. Kundalini meditation can be done under the guidance of an awakened teacher to help guide you throughout the way. The way into the process of enlightenment to reach your state of oneness takes gentle time and patience. In time you too will reach your state of Kundalini Activation.

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