Music for Yoga. Casablanca Sessions – Songs Of Eden. Full album. Yoga Playlists



Listen to my album “Casablanca Sessions”.
This video contains the full album.

Power Yoga music. Music for Yoga Vinyasa. Or as music for your Yoga classes. Yoga music positive energy. World Yoga Music.

Also suitable for Yoga Vinyasa Ashtanga. Or as Vinyasa Music for yoga.

Music for yin yoga practice or kundalini yoga class.
I am a composer of music for Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Relaxing. I get my inspiration from all over the world. There’s an unlimited source of rythms, instruments and soundscapes to be explored.
My music is mainly written for:

* YOGA – Zen yoga, savasana and vinyasa.

* MEDITATION – Deep meditation, mediation sleep, guided meditation

* WORKOUT – workout music, music for running, music for fitness practice

* SLEEP – Sleep difficulties, deep sleep, sleep sounds

* STUDY/FOCUS – Concentration, study motivation, study focus

* SPA/MASSAGE – Spa relaxation, spa music, spa environment

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