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Spiritual Sense – Ocean Inspiration Mix tracklist:
01. Spiritual Sense – Paradise Islands [00:00] 02. Spiritual Sense – Waves Tide [5:07] 03. Spiritual Sense – Sunset Guitar [10:41] 04. Spiritual Sense – Sunbeam [14:30] 05. Spiritual Sense – Hawaii [19:45] 06. Spiritual Sense – Coastline [23:11] 07. Spiritual Sense – Atlantic Trip [26:40] 08. Spiritual Sense – The Day After [30:47] 09. Spiritual Sense – Silent Sea [33:13] 10. Spiritual Sense – Ocean Flower [36:26] 11. Spiritual Sense – The Last Page [40:29] 12. Spiritual Sense – Mind Dreams [44:50] 13. Spiritual Sense – Aquamen [50:38] 14. Spiritual Sense – Deep World [56:50]

Note: Loop versions of all these tracks are also available on our YouTube channel.

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♪ Composer: Spiritual Sense
♪ Original track title: Ocean Inspiration Mix (2019)

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We traveled a lot and got acquainted with the cultures of different countries, which has helped us to better understand their music and traditions, as well as comprehend the spiritual fulfillment of ritual and spiritual teachings. In our music we often weave traditional motifs of Indian Music, Arabic Music, Japanese Music, Chinese Music and Tibetan Music. Our music is designed to unleash the full potential of your meditation, helping to attain enlightenment, to cleanse the soul and mind (mind & body relaxing music), put you into a state of deep meditation and help concentrate. Also our music is suitable for people involved in martial arts, it will serve as excellent background music for your workouts. Use our music for the best results to relax (relaxing).


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