AK 63 300 rep Butt Lift and Hip Openers Impact Interval Booty Yoga Core Power Yoga



This class according to testimonies in the last few years is also excellent for people suffering with sciatica and sciatic pain. In addition it is an excellent cardio and lower body builder.
Natural Rubber Mat
Light Gaiam Yoga Mat
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This is a quick and intense power yoga / interval training sequence.
300 reps of side lunge jumps. AK63
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You can substitute the side lunge jumps for sets of:
50 squats
50 squat jumps,
50 deadlifts
25 each single leg deadlift
25 each one legged bridge lift
50 pelvic tilts
50 bridge lifts
50 lunge jumps
the routine includes a lot of hip openers throughout the sequence and towards the end of the sequence
Double pigeon
Flying pigeon
bound angle pose
side angle
warrior 2
yogic squat
target of the class- cardiovascular endurance, interval training, opening the hips, increasing flexibility, mobility in hips, hams, quads, hip flexors. Strengthening the lower back, gluteus /gluteus maximus, gluteus medius/, quadriceps, hamstrings.
word of caution- prepare to be sore tomorrow/ butt and legs
Alignment- most important alignment point is to keep the back straight during the side lunge jumps. If you cannot keep your back straight please use some of the alternatives to side lunge jumps I have listed above.
Don’t hesitate to send in questions if you have any!