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Guide : Four Hour Body Diet Plan – Rapid Weight Loss with Slow…

Four Hour Body Diet

Crafted by Timothy Ferris, Four Hour Body Diet is a prodigious slow carb diet plan. Without doing workouts, you can lose 20 pounds in 30 days by following the exquisite diet plan. Having already benefited a lot of people, the diet plan is most popular for losing weight promptly.

Techniques of Four Hour Body Diet Plan

Having an astonishingly high success ratio, four hour diet plan has three keys to success, and these are – Slow carb diet, cold showers, consuming 30 grams of protein within half an hours of waking up. Keep measuring your weight and if possible, keep capturing the pictures of you to visually gauge the impacts of diet plan on various parts of your body.

Five Fundamentals of Four Hour Body Diet Plan

You can own the most enviable body by following five simple fundamentals of the diet plan. Let’s have a look at the five fundamentals of the diet plan.

Forbid White Carbs

White carbs such as bread, potatoes, white or brown rice, pasta, tortillas, fried food, and others come under white carbs. White carb foods have been considered sinister foods by the diet plan because they increase your blood sugar level.

The only time when you are free to consume white carbs is within thirty minutes of strenuous strength or resistance training. Dairy food items have been banished by the diet plan, due to their hostile effects on insulinemic index. Moreover, packaged milk and dairy items contain several hormones and antibiotic residues, which can adversely affect your health.

Invariable Meals

The diet plan recommends eating invariable food items every day. Make a healthy choice of food items and eat them during the whole plan. You can make your choice of food items from the list mentioned below.

Protein – Black beans, pork, beef, fish, egg whites, chicken breast and thighs.

Vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, peas, asparagus, green beans.

Legumes – Red beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, soybeans, lentils.

You can easily get these food items from grocery stores. The diet plan insists on having four meals in a day after every four hours. The plan being very proficient emphasizes consumption of first meal of the day within half an hour of waking up.

Ferris asserts, you might feel low while going along with the plan and the reason is consumption of vegetables and others low calorie foods while going along with the diet solution. For instance, if you compare one bowl of rice with one bowl of spinach, you will obviously feel sluggish because your body gets mere 15 calories from spinach, while it gets 300 calories from rice. So, for saving your body from getting deficient in calories, you have to frequently keep feeding nutritious food items to your body.

Avoid High Calorie Drinks

The diet plan focuses on drinking one gallon of water in a day. All the energy drinks, soft drinks, fruit juice, milk, and even soy milk come under high calorie drinks. You can have tea and coffee without adding sugar in them. Cinnamon can be used in the food items or drinks to bring down the level of glycemic index in the food items.

Should you crave for red wine, you can have that at the end of the day. It’s completely harmless and has no negative influence on the weight loss process. However, beer and white wine still fall under forbidden drinks.

Say NO to fruits

The diet plan strictly says no to all the fruits except for tomatoes and avocados, which you can consume in moderation. Ferry contends, fructose in the fruits gets converted into glycerol phosphate, which further gets transformed into triglyceride, which is the main culprit responsible for increasing blood cholesterol level and accumulation of fat in your body. You are advised to refrain from fruits for at least six days in a week. You certainly can eat them on cheat days.

One Free day

There is one cheat day in the diet plan, which allows you to consume anything you had been longing for during the whole week. Ferry considers cheat day as a vital tool in his diet plan since it keeps a check on your metabolism system. He has named it “metabolic spike day”, which targets on enhancing your metabolism.

In six days, your body will get addicted to low calorie diet, so to make sure that your metabolism doesn’t become permanently sluggish, cheat days are discreetly introduced in the diet plan. One more bonus benefit of the cheat day is you feel motivated from inside not to inculcate junk foods in your diet. Your body start developing a natural despise for them.

Pros and Cons of Four Hour Body Diet

The wonderful diet plan has many pros and cons. Let’s have a quick look at some of the pros and cons of 4 HB Diet plan.


  • Without any calorie count or portion control, the diet plan is easy and simple to follow.
  • Presence of defined food items and emphasis on repetition of invariable meals over and over will lessen your headache to decide your daily food plans.
  • There is no obligation to practice workouts. The special diet solution itself is capable of shedding massive pounds from your body and bringing you in perfect shape.
  • You will not only lose weight but will also gain muscles. The impeccable diet program especially works on cutting fats around your stomach and hips.
  • At no point in the diet plan, you will feel sick of the plan because there are enough food items to keep you full. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the quantity of food items whenever you like.
  • The diet plan positively influences your blood sugar level and rids you from many diseases.


  • Cold showers didn’t sound appealing to most of the users. They failed to abide by it for a very long time and ended up skipping this step. Ice cool bath indisputably burns calories from your body but the same purpose can be met by having a cold glass of water one hour before having meals.
  • Fruits have completely been cut from the diet plan, which is not at all a healthy way of nourishing your body.
  • Consuming the same food over and over again might cause many troubles. Esp. consumption of legumes on daily basis may lead to digestion problems and acidity.
  • While excluding all other dairy items from the diet plan, Ferry has inculcated cottage cheese, which again is a contradictory food item.

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